Kislovodsk Resort Park (Kurortny Park)

Kurortny Blvd, 21, Kislovodsk, Stavropol Territory, Russia

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Kislovodsk Resort Park (Kurortny Park) was founded in 1823 by the order of General A. Ermolov. In 1845, when Count M. Vorontsov was appointed the Caucasus governor, the park development was continued. Its is entirely man-made. Its area is about 1000 hectares. The beginning of the park is in the city downtown, on both banks of the river Olkhovka, and then the park stretches for miles in the mountains. At present the Kislovodsk park consists of three parts, or levels: Old, or Lower Park, leading from the Narzan gallery to the Mirror pond and the Glass Stream; New, or Middle Park, starting from the Valley of Roses and ending near the Gray Stones; and the largest Higher, or Mountain park, which stretches from the Gray to the Blue stones and then continues up to the Maloe Sedlo (Small Saddle) and Bolshoe Sedlo (Big Saddle) mountain tops. The Resort Park attracts people with its shady paths and picturesque views. It is famous for its terrain cures. There are six routes with information boards. There is also a cableway.

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