Laikrodžių muziejus

Liepų g. 12, LT-92114 Klaipeda, Lithuania

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It can be said that this is the only and original museum in Northern Europe, which reveals the entire history of watchmaking. The Clock Museum was opened in 1984. Klaipėda, Liepų g. 12, restored 19th century in the building. Museum exposition consists of two parts. The first part reveals the development of time measurement methods and watches from ancient times to the present day. In this part of the exposition visitors can get acquainted with rare originals and models of sun, water, fire and sand watches - reconstructions. The largest part of the exposition of the first floor consists of original 17th - 20th centuries. mechanical watch collection. The total museum has 14,356 pieces of basic and auxiliary items. However, the museum is interesting not only from the technical side. The second part of the museum's exposition is a watch-shaped finish in the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Classicist, eclectic and modern epochs. In addition to the watches made by masters of different countries, furniture, works of fine arts and crafts are featured in those times.  Each year, the Museum's exhibition hall opens exhibitions featuring various time-space measuring devices. Visitors can also get acquainted with the constantly acting exhibitions "Baroque - the Magic of Charles Bulio technique" and "The History of the Clock Museum" building. A part of the park of the 19th century was located next to the museum's building. There was a closed courtyard with sun-clocks for various museum and city events. In 1989, the Equatorial Sun Clock was installed at the center of the yard, showing the exact average time of the Klaipėda latitude sun. In 1991, under the designs of the painter's monumental Lolita Sadauskaitė and designer Romualdas Martinkas, a composition "The path of the sun through constellations" was erected. This is a stylized florentian mosaic technique made by the composition of the solar system constellations.  In 1997, another decorative - monumental composition - "Time and Klaipėda" was performed on the wall of the museum courtyard. Artists Juozas Vosylius and Angelina Banytė and Romualdas Martinkus performed it. The work is even 62 square. meters of the wall. In the same patio on the pavement, we see a horizontal solar clock "Measure your time with your shadow". This project was implemented in 1999. His creators and implementers are A. Banytė, L. Klimas, R. Martinkus. A bell-music instrument - carillon is located near the park's post tower. Every Saturday and Sunday, and on festive days, there are live music concerts. Other events are also taking place. Celebrated all the most important Klaipėda city holidays. A visitor to the park can spend some leisure time with the guests. Moving shadow change on the sun's clock scales lets you think about the world around us - Time and Infinity.

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