Las Baulas National Marine Park Costa Rica

Marino Las Baulas National Park, 500 m SO de la Escuela de Playa Grande 933, Provincia de Guanacaste, Santa Cruz, 50308, Costa Rica
+506 2653 0470

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Parque Nacional Marino las Baulas (Las Baulas National Marine Park) is a wildlife refuge with an area of 500 hectares and an additional 112 hectares. It is a main tourist attraction because it is the natural nesting site of the leatherback sea turtles ( Dermochelys cariacea ). This species is the largest sea turtle in the world and is in danger of extinction. In addition to sea turtles, the protected mangrove and its great biological wetland areas are of great importance as the natural habitat and breeding areas of hundreds of aquatic birds and other marine and forest wildlife. © Flickr/Clay Henson

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