Le tombeau du Géant

Moulin du Rivage, 6833 Bouillon, Belgique

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There is a magnificent open view at Botassart, looking across to 'Le Tombeau du Géant' (The Giant's Tomb), so named because one of the bends in the Semois at this point seems to enclose a coffin of gigantic proportions. The castle of Botassart, built in 1625, retains its seigniorial appearance. Alongside, a chapel contains tombstones of the lords who lived there in the 17th and 18th Centuries. On the western side of the forest of Menuchenet, there is a Carolingian fortification called "Château le Duc". This once belonged to Godfrey de Bouillon's ancestors, and one can still see the foundations of its walls and its defence system. The traditional washing-places in Ucimont and Mogimont have been converted into museums. Several shopkeepers have set up along the N89, near Curfoz and Sensenruth.

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