Ljubojno village

Ljubojno, Macedonia (FYROM)

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Ljubojno (Macedonian Cyrillic: Љубојно) is a village located in the region of Prespa in the Republic of Macedonia. Ljubojno is situated some 2 km from Prespa lake and about 5 km north of the Greek border, and its elevation is about 920 m above sea level. The population of Ljubojno is 186 There are 8 Orthodox churches in the village. Among them are Sv. Prechista, St. Atanasij, St. Marena, St. Elijah, St. Dimitrija, St. Bogorodica and monastery of St. Petre and Paul. Church of St. John was built in 1861, was destroyed by fire in 1903 and was renovated in 1921. Photo by ©Filip Gjorgievski/Wikimedia

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