MakiMaki Sushi Green

Mauritiussteinweg 2, 50676 Köln, Almanya
+49 221 93115678

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Fresh, original and irresistibly delicious - this is our 100% vegan sushi. Forget everything you think you know about Sushi - here Sushi comes from a previously undiscovered taste dimension. For us sushi green is the logical further development of classic Sushi - in a time when the oceans are overfished and resources are running out. In a time when more and more people are eating more consciously than ever before - "vegan" is much more than just a dietary style, it is a way of life. After more than 15 years of success in the "sushi business", we know how to conjure up dreamlike vegan sushi creations - let us take you into a whole new world of vegan cuisine. Picture © Credits to website

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