Manoir de la Branche

la branche, 35460 Saint-Brice-en-Coglès

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The Manor Branch is historically very old. Indeed lands branch already mentioned since 1050. At that time a lord named ESTACHER donated to the church of Saint Brice formerly gave Puniac and 8 acres of land located on the banks of the river Loisance "Villa branch ". The lord ESTACHER invests the monks of St. Florent in the new property using a tree branch he laid on the altar of the church of Saint Brice. The Manor Branch is a former timeless. Let us not forget that at that time the Britain is not French. Located in a strategic location between the Mont Saint Michel in Normandy and Fougeres in Brittany, Manoir was a hotbed of revolutionary period with chouannerie. To date we offer five spacious rooms decorated with antique furniture and fabrics.

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