Museo del Cinema Siracusa, Ortigia

Via Alagona 41/54, Ortigia, 96100 Syracuse, Italy

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It 'a dream lasted nearly fifty years, and became a reality March 26, 1995, is headquartered in the Palazzo Corpaci rooms, a noble residence dating back to the early 1700s, the former Confraternity of the Holy Spirit which is based in Ortigia, historical center of Syracuse. An area of ​​about 2000 square meters on three levels is entirely dedicated to what Enrico Ghezzi called "magnificent obsession", the Cinema appunto.Le 12 permanent exhibition halls allow visitors an intense and long journey through all the audio-visual arts origins to the present day. In its rooms you can see and touch all equipment related to the cinema from the first magic lanterns to camera equipment and projections moderne.Il Museum holds films ranging from the first film about the silent film with the most current movies. Also it keeps a valuable collection of posters, newspapers, postcards, medals, stamps, antiques and curiosities about Cinema. It 'also features un'audioteca with soundtracks and themes from movies, from 1927 to today, and a library which houses books on cinema and made available to students, journalists, scholars. The museum is equipped with a projection room, the room Vittorini, which annually hosts several festivals on the most significant issues of the Cinema and retrospectives of those great records and artists who have made history

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