Museo del Papiro "Corrado Basile"

ex convento di Sant'Agostino in Ortigia, Via Nizza n. 14, 96100 Syracuse, Italy

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The Papyrus Museum "Corrado Basile", created and managed by the International Institute of Papyrus, cultural institution with legal personality nonprofit, was founded by Corrado Basile and Anna Christmas in 1987. The Papyrus Museum deals with the study, preservation and dissemination of the testimonies of the papyrus culture, who have a first-rate place in the history of civilization. The Museum carries out recovery activities of artifacts and documentation on the use of the papyrus plant between different populations, as well as research the results of which have provided a concrete contribution to the solution of many questions ranging from the origin of the papyrus to the preservation of river papyrus Ciane (Syracuse), by developing their historical traditions related to papyrus to studies on ancient manufacturing techniques and the processing and storage of papyrus documents.

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