Museum De Domijnen

Ligne 5, 6131 MT Sittard
+31 88 599 5556

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Museum de Domijnen is a relatively young museum of contemporary art and urban history and archeology. Full curiosity, self-esteem and creativity show the history of city and region and the latest developments in international contemporary art. MODERN ART The contemporary art department is mainly aimed at the international avant-garde that bridges the anthropological and art historical approach in a global perspective. Especially young heroes and their older artistic examples are central to this. Curiosity, self-esteem and creativity are important features. So we try to create an exciting meeting between the city and the world again and again. This department has its own spot in the multifunctional Ligne complex. HISTORY AND ARCHEOLOGY The Department of History & Archeology manages collections and provides presentations in the field of regional history, cultural history and archeology. The department is in love with an ethnic perspective on the present and the past of the region. In addition to setting up a special multimedia street for young people, the department of history and archeology organizes an average of three exchange exposures a year with high attention value and attractiveness for a wide audience. This department is housed in a former nineteenth-century city school in the historic heart of Sittard.

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