Muzeul Țării Oașului

Str. Victoriei, Nr. 140, 445200 Negresti-Oas

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The Oas Country Museum was established in 1963 as a small open-air ethnography section of the Maramureş Regional Museum and became a standalone institution on 1 January 1966.  The Oas Country Museum is a public cultural institution that is subordinated to the Negreşti Oaş local council, consisting of: - The outdoor museum with valuable pieces of traditional architecture: the wooden church of Lechinta, dating from the beginning of the 17th century, the houses of Racsa, Moiseni and Negreşti (18th-19th centuries), which together with the ten buildings -Annex, they form three complete households, two molecular houses in Gherta Mica, Vama's Pottery House and others.             Inside are exhibited pieces of fabrics, popular port, icons, ceramics, furniture and tools of the museum. Particularly relevant is the section made up of technical installations, especially water-powered, which is the "living" and the most attractive part of the museum: mill, vulto, piua, palacio.  - Art Gallery "Dr. Mihai Pop ", which hosts temporary exhibitions of plastic art, ethnography, etc. The Museum of Oas Country has as its area of ​​representation the ethnographic area Oas Ţara, the current structure being part of the ethnographic museums - an objective included in the list of historical monuments, monuments of national interest, category A, code SM-II-a-A-05337. MUSEUM OF THE OASIS COUNTRY - Art Gallery "Dr. Mihai Pop" Str. Victoriei, Nr. 140, Tel / fax 0261854839 - The outdoor museum Str. Livezilor, Nr. 3-5, Tel 0261854860

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