Muzeum OdBudowy

ul. Jazdów 3/6, 00-467 Warsaw, Poland

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OdBudowa Museum is a new museum unit created on the initiative of Warsaw a branch of the Society for the Care of Monuments. Its name refers to the range of activities that It will take the Museum, which is supposed to become an institution "from the construction" - ie broadly a theme of Warsaw architecture. The purpose of the museum is to organize exhibitions devoted to capital development - its development and transformation that took place within the Warsaw architecture over the years. Substantial emphasis will be placed issues of the Warsaw restaurant after 1945, activity of the Capital Rebuilding Office and Architects who designed postwar projects, which permanently fit into the landscape of the city. The museum will display documents and architectural designs of the capital buildings, as well as archival photographs of construction and documenting works no longer exist architectural objects. Apart from exhibitions, the Museum OdBudowa will organize lectures and presentations touching the subject of the capital both old and modern. In addition, debates will be held Social over the shape and changes introduced in the development plans the spatial capital and its layout, as well as the problem of protection of Warsaw objects historic buildings and buildings created after the Second World War. Eventually all activities The museum should popularize the history of the capital architecture and help the inhabitants Warsaw in its understanding and daily reception.

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