Национален Парк Рила

ул."Бистрица"12 В, 2700 Blagoevgrad

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Park "Rila" was announced on February 24, 1992 by Order № 114 of the Ministry of Environment (ISA) with a total area of ​​107 923.7 ha. In keeping with the then law (Art. 17 and 22 of the Law on the Protection of Nature) was declared a national park. The management of the National Park is done by existing at the date of announcement 11 State Forestry (SF), later transformed into forestry (SG). By Order № 62 / 15.02.1996, the then Committee on Forestry (currently NFB) as of 15.02.1996 was created management of the national park "Rila" (UNP) with headquarters. Dupnitsa. The main functions of management are coordination, methodological guidance and control the execution of landscape projects, scientific, educational and promotional activities, events conservation and restoration of natural, biological and landscape diversity and organization of tourism and recreation for inclusion in the park state forest Fund (SFF). Under the same order GS in whose territory the park "organize and carry out security, protection, management, structure and reproduction of natural resources in the territory." UNP was closed on February 15, 1999 By Order № RD 252 / 11.06.1996, the ISA as of 15.06.1996 was established the Regional Inspectorate of Environment for National Park "Rila" based in the city. Blagoevgrad. The main functions of inspection are organizing and conducting control over the application of regulations on environmental protection, nature conservation and other regulations in the conduct of activities in the park. Order № RD-49 / 07.02.1997, the expanded scope of activity of the inspection and on areas outside the park. In the same year, by Order № RD-155 inspection was transformed into Department of National Park "Rila" National Center for Environment and Sustainable Development (NCESD) - Sofia. In pursuance of the 1998 Law on Protected Areas, Ministry of Environment and Water with Order № RD-504 / 29.12.98, the department close to NCESD and formed Department of National Park "Rila" based in Blagoevgrad as from January 1, 1999 The main functions of the Directorate are: management and protection of the National Park "Rila" implementation of the management plan; assigning activities provided for in the management plan and development plans and projects; coordination and control over the activities carried out by other bodies, organizations and individuals; implementation of educational and informational programs and projects; monitoring of the components of the environment and maintenance of the database; punish offenders. The area of ​​activity of the Directorate's park "Rila" within the limits of Order № 114 of 24.02.1992 By Order № RD-397 of 15.10.1999 part of the National Park "Rila" is re-classified as a national park with the same name as the area of ​​National Park "Rila" is set at 81 046.0 ha. The rest, including forest lands and highland pastures and meadows of Rila municipality, Kyustendil district, an area of ​​27 370.7 ha is categorized in the Natural Park "Rila Monastery" by Order № RD-310 of 26.06.2000 of the Ministry.

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