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53 Kabanbay Batyr St., Astana, Kazakhstan, 010000

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From the NU Student Awards form, Breakthrough of the year: 1. How did you get the idea to open a club? The idea of the Scientific Cafe came after the closure of the Physics club, which was a very stimulating and interesting project. But the format of the scientific cafe is not new and there is practical in all educational and scientific institutions of the world. 2. When did you open? October 15, 2014 3. What are your future plans? Continue to play the role of mediator between researchers and the general public. Conduct more interactive activities and stimulate interest in science. 4. How does your club affect students' social life? It provides a platform for discussing scientific research and discoveries with professionals. Our club is the only academic club that tries to connect students from all disciplines and courses, thus contributing to the development of skills in interdisciplinary professional interaction. 5. How is your club? The organizer is an intermediary between the speaker and the public. Namely, the organizer is responsible for finding the speaker, distributing advertising and posters, as well as maintaining the page on Facebook. 6. Interesting facts? 13 seminars today = 13 hours of scientific information. Statistics on presenters: 62% SST, 23% SHSS, 8% SEng, 8% CLS, 8% GSE. 7. What is your motivation? Raising interest in research among students. 8. Why precisely you deserve nomination? Our club brought a hint of intellectual stimulation outside the curriculum, united researchers from all schools and disciplines under one format and revolutionized the method of spreading the invitation to a scientific seminar (this is not a boring abstract, but a colorful picture and a stimulating description).

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