Nuraghe Corbos

40°15'24.00"N 8°56'36.46"E, Silanus, Sardinia

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Discover the Ancient Wonder of Nuraghe Corbos in Silanus

Nestled on a modest hill, approximately 200 meters from the left bank of the Riu Su Frusciu, lies the captivating archaeological site of Nuraghe Corbos in Silanus. This site is a testament to the rich history and architectural prowess of the Nuragic civilization that once thrived in Sardinia. Let's embark on a journey to explore this ancient wonder.

A Glimpse into the Past

Nuraghe Corbos is composed of a monolithic tower, the remnants of a village, and the remains of a dolmenic tomb adorned with betili. The monolithic tower, with a diameter of 11 meters, stands at an impressive height of 11.70 meters. The meticulous stonework showcases the skill and craftsmanship of the Bronze Age builders. The lower rows of basalt stones exhibit a polygonal shape, while the middle and upper sections feature a sub-square form, with slightly convex visible faces.

Architectural Marvels

Approaching Nuraghe Corbos, you'll be greeted by a troncoconical tower that soars approximately twelve meters into the sky. The entrance, facing southeast, is currently inaccessible due to fallen rubble. However, a breach on the western side allows visitors to enter the tower through a spiral staircase that leads to the upper level. The access corridor, spanning 4.70 meters, branches into a trapezoidal niche on the right and the ascending staircase on the left. As you progress towards the entrance of the central chamber, the corridor gradually widens.

The central chamber, covered by an elegant false dome, boasts a diameter of 4.55 meters and a height of 9.10 meters. Three cruciform niches adorn the periphery of the chamber, adding to its architectural grandeur. The attention to detail and the level of refinement achieved by the Bronze Age builders make Nuraghe Corbos one of the most technically impressive nuraghi on the island.

Historical Significance

Nuraghe Corbos is situated in an area rich in archaeological evidence dating back to the Nuragic era. It stands as a testament to the advanced civilization that once flourished in Sardinia, leaving behind awe-inspiring structures that continue to captivate visitors to this day. Exploring the site offers a unique opportunity to delve into the mysteries of the past and gain insight into the lives of the Nuragic people.

When to Visit

To fully appreciate the beauty and historical significance of Nuraghe Corbos, it is recommended to visit during the spring or autumn months when the weather is mild and the site is less crowded. Guided tours are not available on-site, but you can find information about nearby archaeological areas and the possibility of guided visits on dedicated websites.


Nuraghe Corbos in Silanus is a remarkable archaeological site that showcases the ingenuity and architectural prowess of the Nuragic civilization. From the towering monolithic tower to the intricate details of the central chamber, every aspect of this ancient wonder is a testament to the rich history of Sardinia. Embark on a journey to Nuraghe Corbos and immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Nuragic people.

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