Parque Urbano da Quinta Conde dos Arcos

Quinta Conde dos Arcos, Av. Dr. Francisco Luís Gomes 30, 1800-177 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone: +351 21 855 0690


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Entering the Quinta dos Arcos you instantly forget about the city budings that surround it. It is a peculiar park. Inside sit the Câmara de Lisboa's Calceteiros and Jardinagem (paver and gardening) schools, and the municipal nurseries, which sometimes provide activities for visitors, workshops and free courses, raising awareness on the environment, gardening and farming. There is also a horticultural area, and many small farms where locals can grow their fruits and vegetables. Besides all that, this urban park also provides an inviting grass lawn, a children playground, plenty of fresh spots, a 200-year-old dragon-tree and an intimate lake, making it a great option to escape the streets and enjoy some fresh air.

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