Porta Ticinese

Piazza Ventiquattro Maggio, 20121 Milano, Italie
+39 02 7740 4343

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Porta Ticinese (formerly known as Porta Cicca, and during Napoleonic rule as Porta Marengo) is a former city gate of Milan, Italy. The gate, facing south-west, was first created with the Spanish walls of the city, in the 16th century, but the original structure was later demolished and replaced in the early 19th century. The name "Porta Ticinese" is used both to refer to the gate proper and to the surrounding district, part of the Zone 6 administrative division. In the same district there is also a homonymous medieval gate, although in common speech the name "Porta Ticinese" is usually assumed to refer to the 19th century gate. The gate of Porta Ticinese is one of the landmark buildings of Milan and a popular tourist attraction. The name "Porta Ticinese" means "Gate to the Ticino", referred to the Ticino river, that traverses the Po Valley south-west of Milan. The name "Porta Cicca" came about during the Spanish rule of Milan in the 16th century, "Cicca" being a distortion of the Spanish word chica, i.e., "small". The name "Porta Marengo", which was used in the 19th century, refers to the village of Marengo located south-west of Milan, now called Spinetta Marengo, scene of the Battle of Marengo between the French army commanded by Napoleon and an Austrian army.

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