Porto Brandão

Porto Brandão, 2825-109 Caparica, Portugal
+351 21 294 2810

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Porto Brandão is a small town in the parish of Caparica, district of Almada. It is reached via the inland road and by the ferry boats, connecting to Trafaria and Belém, across the Tejo river. The old village grew and developed from its connection to the river, and for providing the passage from one river bank to the other. With the construction of the bridge over the Tejo, the town center became more modest. The housing climbs along the inland mounts, offering stunning views. Its river front has a pleasant square, a small sandstrip and the ferry docks. Its few restaurants are famous for the 'carvoadas', a local specialty made of meat grilled in a coal roaster. Porto Brandão is also the location of a lazaretto, and military fort, both dating from the XVIth century, nowadays in ruins.

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