Quinta Real de Caxias

Quinta Real de Caxias, Estrada da Gibalta, 2770 Caxias, Portugal

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The lush gardens of Paço Real de Caxias, or Quinta Real de Caxias, date back to the XVIIIth century. They served as a private refuge for the royal and noble families. The gardens show all of the opulence of their time, offering different ambiances and settings within the same area, geometrical patterns, sculptures, architectural and natural beauty. The main attraction is the old waterfall, built vertically in several stories and terraces, offering a priviledged viewpoint at its top. The statues around it, created by Machado de Castro, reenact the greek mythological event of the bathing of Diana near the cave of her beloved Endymion. The gardens have suffered the passing of time, but in later years there has been a continuous effort to restore its heritage, while being open to the public.

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