Restaurante Freddo Fresas, Costa Rica

Alajuela Province, Poás, Costa Rica
+506 2482 2800

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Restaurante Freddo Fresas (Strawberries) is just minutes from the exit at Poás National Park. With an open but cabin-like atmosphere, this restaurant offers a menu that mixes typical foods like Costa Rican casados and Olla de Carne, along with many other chicken, beef and seafood dishes. All plates are prepared with fresh products and of excellent quality, some organic, mostly grown locally. In the high regions of the Alajuela province, the area is known for its strawberry farms. The highlight at Freddo Fresas (as its name imples) are strawberries! The specialty of the house are strawberry drinks made with fresh fruit and either milk or water and, of course, delicious desserts. The bakery offers fresh homemade bread, custard and wonderful locally-made cheeses. Across the street, directly in from of the restaurant is a beautiful garden-park which is free and wonderful place to walk either before or after dining. It’s beautifully landscaped and you’ll see a variety of butterflies and birds. © RestauranteFreddoFresas/Unknown

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