Restoranas Health

Malūnų g. 4, 01200 Vilnius, Lithuania

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Often, restaurants try to create the strongest taste palette - a lot of salt, sugar, and fat are used. Especially sugar is placed everywhere - in a soup, pasta sauce, even lettuce. Health was born out of our own desire to create a perfect restaurant where we could eat without any fear of conscience. We are not professional athletes, but we perceive physical activity as the foundation of human health and longevity. We learned from time to time to choose a balanced diet, we saw how it changes not only our bodies, but also the internal state. However, in order to feel good and live our lives in the world of food boxes, we began to carry our lunch and dinner everywhere, or we refused to give up friends' invitations and eat at home. When we spent many hours doing sports, we did not want to eat greasy sauces, butter and carbohydrates of dubious origin. We are neither vegetarians nor vegans, so we also wanted cannons to be destroyed, because healthy food is just steamed vegetables or raw eating dishes. In the restaurant, Health proteins come only from quality products like various lean meat, fish or eggs. Carbohydrates - Only whole-grain products. There is also fat - without them anywhere! Only we refuse processed oils and use good fats from coconuts, avocados, fatty fish or nuts. Most importantly, everything is balanced and each meal contains the correct amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat. We are guided by the simplest principle in the creation of Health - there is nothing we should not eat for ourselves.

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