Ribeira das Naus

Av. Ribeira das Naus, Lisboa, Portugal
+351 917 427 013

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Ribeira das Naus is an avenue that extends from Terreiro do Paço to Cais do Sodré, with a road, bicicle path and an ample walkway by the river. In older days the area was an important quay for the city, becoming the royal navy's shipyard in the XVIII century, before turning into an avenue in 1938. Recent requalification restored the connexion between the locals and the river Tejo. A smooth slope to the water recreates a very old beach that used to be here. Across the road, there are still remains of the old shipyards, the old quay called Doca da Caldeirinha which is today a water mirror, and the 'dry quay', were ships were built and repaired, exposed for people to see. There is also a large green space that can be used by everyone. The area provides a beautiful view of the river and the south bank, and ample space for leisure activities.

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