Riserva naturale di Isola Bella - Taormina

Via Nazionale, Baia di Taormina, 98039 Taormina

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Isola Bella Taormina owes its name to the German Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden, which spread throughout the world the artistic value of the island. Donated in 1806 by Ferdinand I of Bourbon to the mayor of Taormina, it was purchased in 1890 by Lady Florence Trevelyan, the grandson of Queen Victoria, that valorized by building a picturesque little house piantumandovi rare and precious woods. In 1984, the Region of Sicily, at the request of the City of Taormina, said the Isola Bella in a natural historical and artistic interest particularly valuable monument as "isolated instance of such unique natural, historical and cultural", subjecting her to constraints protection. In 1990 it was purchased by the Department of Cultural Heritage Region Sicily. Subsequently, the regional nature reserve was established by Decree of the Sicilian Region No. 619/44 of 4 November 1998, managed by the WWF, then the Province of Messina and recently passed in management to environmental protection center at the University of Catania. Protected by D. R., detectable in dell'I.G.M topographic map. scale 1: 25.000, sheet 262 The S.O. It was thus identified: Zone A or Reserve (1.12 hectares), comprising: - The island, - The satellite reefs around the island, - And the sandy isthmus that joins the beach. Zone B or preriserva (of 9:37 hectares), comprising: - The entire Capo Sant'Andrea, - And the strip of land, downstream from the railroad (which is its upstream boundary), until the beginning of the Cape Taormina cliff. For a total of 10:49 hectares of land, much of which is given in private or state concession.

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