RockReef UK

Bournemouth Pier, BH2 5AA Bournemouth

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At the heart of the Pier you will find the RockReef Activity Attraction, featuring 6 great activities in one, bringing the great outdoors indoors. There are 25 Clip N’ Climb challenges, the fun climbing concept that is taking the world by storm. The Pier Cave adventure, A highLine aerial obstacle course as well as a vertical drop slide, and the leap of faith jumping challenge. On the end of the pier there is the world's first pier to shore zip wire! The PierZip tower has a dual zip wire straight to the shore giving you the thrill ride of a lifetime, straight out over the sea and landing on Bournemouth beach. Race your friend's and see who makes it to the bottom first! The RockReef Centre is an exciting combination of fun with physically and mentally challenging activities. The Adventure Activity Attraction where you will test your limits and have amazing fun with friends or family.

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