Ruta del Cares in Picos de Europa

Ruta del Cares, 33554, Asturias, España

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Ruta del Cares is the most popular hike within the National Park receiving around 300.000 hikers every year, and is located between the provinces of León and Asturias. It runs from the Asturian village of Poncebos to Caín in Leon along the Cares Canyon. . The Cares Trail runs in between the Cantabrian Mountains, along caves, bridges and pathways sculpted in the rock, and is also known as the "Divine Gorge" of the Cares river. This route is famous for its views and the narrowness of the path, which crosses an impressive defile. It is a pathway at mid-height of approximately 11 kilometres in length, which can be done in 3-4 hours approximately. © iStock/Aljndr

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