Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica

Santa Rosa National Park, Provincia de Guanacaste, Costa Rica
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Santa Rosa National Park (Parque Nacional Santa Rosa), is located in the Guanacaste Province, north of the capital city of San Jose. The main entrance of Santa Rosa National Park is 36 kilometres (22 mi) north of Liberia. It covers approximately 495 square kilometres (191 sq mi). Ten unique natural habitats are within in the park. They include savannas, deciduous forest, marshlands, and mangrove woodlands. Wildlife in Santa Rosa National Park include: coyotes, peccaries, white-nosed coatis, Baird's tapirs, sea turtles, and terrestrial turtles. The three species of monkey are Geoffroy's spider monkey, mantled howler and white-headed capuchin. Several cat species are also present: jaguarundi, ocelot, cougar and jaguar. These are rarely seen in daytime. An estimated 250 bird species and 115 mammal species are found within the park. Santa Rosa National Park was also created to protect the historical site beyond the natural environment. It is within the larger national Guanacaste Conservation Area which is a designated World Heritage site. It was the first national park established in Costa Rica, originally created to protect the scene of the Battle of Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa was originally a farm. Today an old hacienda building, "La Casona," functions as the monument commemorating the fallen heroes of the different battles that took place here. © iStock/alexeys

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