SEA LIFE Konstanz

Hafenstraße 9, 78462 Konstanz

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The existing since May 1999 SEA LIFE Konstanz allows visitors to more than 35 lifelike landscaped pool a vivid insight into the life field of domestic and tropical waters. The exhibition of around 3,500 freshwater and saltwater fish follows the path of the water from the source of the Rhine in the mountains above Lake Constance up in the port of Rotterdam, where the Rhine finally flows into the North Sea. On touch pool, visitors can go with some creatures even up close. get past the seahorse cave visitors by an eight-meter-long underwater tunnel in the colorful world of the Red Sea. Breathtakingly close encounters offer when blacktip, green turtles and lots of colorful sea creatures glide over the heads of the visitors. At the end of the tour you expect freezing cold and glittering ice: Visitors embark on an adventurous expedition in the realm of the penguins. An annually changing special exhibition shows a more detailed insight into the fascinating underwater world. In existence since 2015 Rainforest area you can discover the secrets of the jungle dwellers and i.a. Experience Devil Rays, poison dart frogs and many other animals. In piranha pool, which is unique by its tunnels, we can observe perfectly the typical swarm behavior of predatory fish Amazonas.

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