Şekerci Ali Galip

Anafartalar Cd., 35360 Konak/İzmir, Türkiye

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Came into world in 1860, Bursa as the second child of İnkayalı Hacı Süleyman Efendi and Samiye Hanım. Ali Galip Efendi who came to İzmir in 1884 started to be interested in confectionary art and trade under the monopoly of Greek and Armenian Chefs. In 1901 thanks to his experience gained 17 years from many chefs especially French, Italian, Greek and Armenian chefs in cooperation with him, he laid the foundations of “Şekerci Ali Galip” to render service to the habitants of İzmir in Kemeraltı known as the heart of İzmir for more than hundred years. Ali Galip Efendi has opened a shop right in front of the shop of the Greek chef called as “Çatal Sakal” who was the most popular candymaker of İzmir and then went into a fierce competition with him and Ali Galip Efendi came to forefront with his delicious products in a short time. A story is told about what Ali Galip Efendi did in order to learn confectionery business. According to this story Armenian and Greek chefs had never shown how to cook macaroon to Ali Galip Efendi. Ali Galip Efendi tried to learn this in different ways but failed. Finally he made a hole in ceiling and learned how to cook it by watching it therefrom. Ali Galip Efendi attaching importance to innovation and following the exhibitions at home and abroad get many rewards in international exhibitions. Upon the growth in business field and increase in production capacity Ali Galip Efendi took Mehmet, his nephew from third generation into his service. New branches were opened for the purposes of pastry and retailing. Ali Galip Efendi shared with his all experiences and chefship with his nephew and plays an important role in his development. Ali Galip Efendi who stayed unrivalled in 1922 upon the departure of Çatal Sakal from İzmir and has developed himself permanently with his investments in product quality and variety has presented many desserts and sweets to the tastes of the habitants in İzmir, which have been consumed even today with pleasure. Mehmet Irmak who took the surname of “Irmak” in 1934 together with his grand uncle Ali Galip Efendi becomes the second person shouldering the firm with his contributions to Ali Galip Irmak. Mehmet Irmak participated in İzmir International Fair in 1938 and exhibited the clock tower being the symbol of İzmir and made of completely candies at the stand of “Şekerci Ali Galip” received a great appreciation and gained the title of “Şekercibaşı” (First Sweet Chef) Şekercibaşı Mehmet Irmak took over the management of firm upon the decease of Ali Galip Irmak, doyen of confectionery in 1946 and continued successfully to retail in the branches increasing in number. Mehmet Irmak desiring to enlarge the production capacity upon the increase in demand laid the foundations of production facilities in Gaziemir in 1975. Factory located on a 16,5-dunam field and having 4500 m2 of closed area has the characteristic of first comprehensive and modern chocolate factory of İzmir. Şekerci Ali Galip being leader in many product groups especially delight, candy, chocolate, havla, baklawa, cake, pate, ice-cream, cookie, cezerye, macaroon, jam, dragee, candied chestnust, pismaniye, sugared almond opens a branch in Dusseldorf and carries its reputation to abroad in 1980 as well as its wholesale throughout Turkey. Children of Şekercibaşı Mehmet Irmak who made Şekercibaşı Ali Galip a brand know throughout Turkey and carried its reputation to abroad took over his portfolio upon his decease and developed its quality product range much more in the light of today’s technology. Şekerci Ali Galip which is one of the eldest enterprises of İzmir has continued today to represent Turkish confectionary and delight in best way for more than 100 years under the management of the members of same family from fourth and fifth generations. We consider our business as a cultural heritage rather than a commercial enterpise and we work rigorously in every process of our production from raw material procurement to end products by taking the advice of our grandfather, Şekercibaşı Mehmet Irmak as a principle ; ”You will never sell the products which you won’t make your children eat” Our firm identifying with İzmir makes production with same taste and naturalism as in 1901 thanks to its centennial recipes. We continue to perform our activities by respecting human health always and we try to deserve our glorious name gained in the past and taking the protection of it as a principle.

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