Sfendami Mountain Festival in Pieria

Σφενδάμι 600 66, Ελλάδα

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Sfendami mountain festival was founded in 2007. The organization committee is SFENDAMOS A.M.K,E and event takes place at Prophet Elias’ hill. 2014 is our eighth year in a row. Festival is named by the Sfendamos’ tree that grows in the area of Sfendami village. Our festival consists of a race XCO 5,2 Km UCI, a XCM Marathon UCI C3 Race 60km, an MTR race 23 Km and MTB open Marathon 60 Km. MTB open race is the largest in Greece and there were 621 participants from Greece and other Balkan countries, in 2013. General info about Sfendami Sfendami is a small community consisting of 1000 residents. Exists at the North of Greece, in the Pidna-Kolindros municipality, in north Greece. Pieria’ sea coast is 7 Km away. 40 Km away is Olympous, mountain of Gods, and 30 Km away are Pieria Mountains. Thessalonica is only 50 Km away from Sfendami.

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