Share Square in Belgrade

Koče Popovića 4, Beograd 11000, Serbia
+381 61 2900217

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Share Square is a physical platform where people can share their knowledge, skills and ideas similarly to the way they do on social media. You can imagine Share Square as a YouTube of the real world. Pick a skill for which 5-10 people in the city would pay 5-10 euros per class, and you can teach it or learn it at Share Square, while meeting new people and socializing. We want to encourage people to step away from their computers and interact with other members of the community while learning something new. We’ve prepared four permanent labs that we consider will be the most common types of classes: SoundLab, CookLab, TechLab and StyleLab, which are furnished and equipped so that you can have everything you need in order to start teaching straight away. Also, there is one multi-purpose classroom that can be used for a variety of closed-space classes, and a bunch of other large meeting tables that can be used in diverse ways, which means that you can basically teach whatever you want.

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