Stroumbi village, Paphos

Stroumpi, Chipre

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There are two legends about the name of the village: the first says that the name of the village comes from the name of its founder Strompulosa, and according to another, the name Stroumbi is derived from “strumpulos” (“chubby”) – which is the impression arised concerning the type of the mountains around the village. In 1953, the old village was destroyed by an earthquake, which resulted in numerous casualties. Soon, the village was restored near the former location. And now here, one of the largest wineries in Cyprus, SODAP – KAMANTERENA, is located. Now the village is home to about 480 residents, and according to Cypriot standards it is large enough. In Cyprus, there are many mountain villages with a population of about 150 people, and one of them – Vikla – recorded just one single inhabitant.

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