Sweet Root

Užupio g. 22, 01203 Vilnius, Lithuania

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Sweet Root - seasons-inspired local cuisine. DINNER > Broccoli, cauliflower, pears > Northern pike, cucumbers, gooseberries > Sweet corn, wild mushrooms, sheep milk cheese > Potatoes, cabbage, goat milk cheese > Chicken, liver, apples > Beetroots, hazelnuts, cranberries > Carrots, quince, pumpkin + welcome drink, sparkling or tap water, a cup of cold brew or pour over coffee, tea and couple of one bite stories. > Duration: up to 3 hours. > Price: 65 Eur > Wine pairing: 45 Eur > We accommodate allergies and/or dietary restrictions with advance notice of min 2 days. > Vegetarian option is available reserving it at least 2 days in advance, vegan - 5 days in advance.

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