Tasca do Chico

R. dos Remédios, 1100-331 Alfama, Portugal
+351 961 339 697

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Tasca do Chico opened in 1993. At the time, Bairro Alto's traditional inns where being replaced by bars, and Francisco Gonçalves decided to to something about it. His house managed to gather enthusiasm and recognition and it is today a reference, with a very particular, laid-back ambiance. Its cosy interior, the traditional gastronomy, and the amateur and professional fado living hand in hand, make it a very sought-after spot. Here, Fado Vadio is king, and it is not unusual to see established singers, who are regular costumers, accompanying amateurs sometime during the cheerful evenings. Its popularity makes it become crowded easily, but it also made it possible for a more recent Tasca do Chico to open in Alfama.

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