Teatret Beagle -dans & fysisk teater

Skovgaardsgade 3, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark

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The theater Beagle has produced performances since 1999, for children, young people and adults. The proverb is curious, comic and makes feelings physical. It is based on physical theater, dance, comedy, mime, slapstick, contact improvisation and stagefight We create "cartoon theater" that is simple, sharp and contains comic, absurd and poetic stories. We want to "in the flesh" of our audience and we convey through a surprising and strong physical expression. In recent years, we have marked ourselves as a gadget theater producer with a Storm P-inventor of true physical visual scene language. It will also be seen in our coming performance ... When we create and produce our performances, it is not with a particular childhood, young or adult perspective. Creativity, the doctor and the artistic idea determine what appears. These are universal, existential and absurd stories we will convey through a strong physical expression. Beagle: The name of Charles Darwin's (1809-82 priest and naturalist) ship, such as bla. visited the Galapagos Islands, and developed their thoughts about evolution. Beagle: Hunting dog, not over 41 cm tall, widely used in England; especially favored in the United States, in Denmark from 1962. "Society needs artists who, through their talents, training and intuition, are able to physicalize ideas, thoughts, dreams, that would not become visible to us." Aat Hougèe

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