The astonishing Old Town of Xanthi

Old Town, Xanthi 671 00, Greece

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Nowadays, Xanthi’s old town is a real treasure of the prefecture and is the most well known old town in Greece. The inhabitants and authorities of Xanthi have managed to preserve its color and characteristics just as they were from the time of its establishment. It is well preserved and its rich architectural decoration in every narrow lane gives opportunity to visitors to travel back in time and at the same time experience the local modern way of living. It is built amphitheatrically on the foot of Rodopi mountain chain and is divided into two by Kosinthos river. In its west side, where actually the city center of the old town is located, the Metropolitan church surrounded by the urban settlement dominates. In its east side you can see Samakov district which consists of simple houses and has a rich natural environment. Both sides still preserve their traditional characteristics, mesmerizing visitors and inhabitants every time they walk on the narrow lanes. It is one of the largest settlements in Greece which is standing untouched by the time and still preservs its nobility and magnificence. The old town traditional houses not only stayed away from modern construction trends, but they were also renovated and preserved by the locals. Its paved lanes built in the 19th century are either round about or cut from each other vertically and are all surrounded by buildings of different architecture styles. Xanthi’s old town is one of the best preserved architectural complexes in Greece.

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