Train World Railway Museum, Brussels

Place Princesse Elisabeth 5, 1030 Bruxelles, Belgium
+32 2 224 74 98

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Train World is a railway museum in Brussels and the official museum of the National Railway Company of Belgium. It is situated in the buildings of the Schaarbeek railway station, Belgium's oldest surviving station, and in a new shed built to its north. Although scheduled to open in 2014, its opening was delayed until September 2015, and opened by King Philippe. The museum attracts all age groups. The museum is over 8,000 square metres and displays 22 locomotives. It also displays 1,200 other objects, including an original 19th-century railway bridge. One of the most important objects in the museum is the "Pays de Waes" locomotive, dating back to 1842, which is the oldest preserved locomotive in the continental Europe. © istock/NearEMPTiness

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