Uluumay Müzesi

Muradiye Mahallesi II .Murat Cadesi Şair Ahmet Paşa Medresesi Osmangazi / B U R S A, 16000 Bursa
+90 224 222 75 75

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M.Esat Uluumay was born in Bursa in 1939. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Bursa. He studied at the Faculty of Economics of Istanbul University. He worked as a specialist accountant and senior manager in 32 years of business. In 1936 he was one of the founders of Bursa Kılıç Kalkan Folklore Association. He conducted this presidency for 15 years. games and various Anatolian folk games. At the time of Esat Uluumay's team, many international festival winners and world championships were won. In those years, he began to explore with passion and almost fascinated by the beauties of the Turkish folk music, which he had entered through folk dances. He started to make compilations about the clothes and jewelry he found lacking a source. He founded the Anatolian Folklore Foundation in 1981 with his friends from seven regions of Anatolia, in Ankara. Between 1984-94, he conducted the presidency of Bursa Müzerler and Eski Eserleri Koruma Derneği. Between 1998 and 1999. He was a member of board of trustees of Bursa Research Foundation and member of board of trustees of Nuri Erbak Foundation. He organized various folklore and ethnography exhibitions in Bursa and Istanbul and gave lectures. He was a consultant at the opening of Bursa Museum. His radio and television chats were broadcast. He has published some articles on life and works in various channels of TRT. Publications of articles and articles on various journals and newspapers were published. In 1983, '' Anatolian Civilizations '', which was organized as 18 art exhibitions of the Council of Europe in Istanbul, exhibited 22 outfits in the Istanbul Turkish - Islamic Works Museum. In the exhibition '' Ages Boyu Jewelry '' displayed at the Topkapi Palace of Ali, the clothes were exhibited in Istanbul in 1985 again in the Ethnography section of the Museum of Turkish Islamic Works. 1992 EXPO-92 Exhibition in Seville, Spain. In 1992, he founded an Ethnography Museum in Bursa Cumalıkızık Village. In the year of 2000, Anadolu Folklore Foundation Bursa Branch made a proposal for the collection of jewelry by Uludağ University. Bursa Folk Culture Symposium ". The second year was held in 2005 and both symposiums brought 5 volumes to Bursa. Finally, since 1960, the collections which he continued in passion were displayed at the Şair Ahmet Paşa Madrasah, which was allocated to the Governorship of Bursa with the approval of the Building Council of the Buildings belonging to the General Directorate of Foundations under the name of "Uluumay Ottoman Folk Costumes and Jewelry Museum" 500 works from the "Dowry Crafts Competition" which was organized between May and October 2011 were rated. 1, 2 and 3 works and 5 prizes were awarded by Şahabettin Harbut of the Governor of Bursa, Sayın. The work of Esat Uluumay about dowry handicrafts Symposium continues to work.After the traditional days of the Ashure tradition continues.

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