Università station Napoli

Università, 80133 Napoli NA, Italy

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Università Università station Università (University) Station, designed by architects Karim Rashid, was inaugurated on March 26, 2011, thirty feet below street level, at the intersection between Piazza Giovanni Bovio and Corso Umberto I. The metro stop, eclectic and full of color, has been designed to symbolize digital and information. In fact, Rashid said that he imagined spaces "that embodies the knowledge and language of the new digital era, which transmit ideas of simultaneous communication, innovation and their mobility of the Third Technological Revolution." In fact, next to the steps leading to the station, were put ceramic tile on which you can find many words coined since the 1960s as "network", "operating","laptop", "database" "interface" or "software".

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