Uvac river


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The Uvac is an international trans-boundary river, rising under Golija mountain and Pešter plateau, then flowing through southwestern Serbia and cross into eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina where, after 115 km, finally meets the Lim river from the right, however, before it empties into the Lim, for a 10 kilometers Uvac forms the border between two countries. Also, while meandering through Serbia, Uvac loosely makes the northern border of the Raška region too. There are several artificial lakes that utilize its hydro-potential. However, the most attractive part of the canyon are the swirling meanders that cut through the hundres of meters high limestone rocks. River Uvac and surrounding mountains are a special nature reserve due to the many rare animal and plant species that live here. The most famous one for sure is the Griffon Vulture, that faced extinction 20 years ago, but is successfully repopulated.

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