Villa Hügel

Bredeney, Essen, Almanya

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With its 269 rooms and 8,100 sqm usable floor space, situated within 28 ha of park, the Villa Hügel is far more than merely the residence of an entrepreneur – it is a symbol of German industrialization. The Villa Hügel, erected between 1870 and 1873 by Alfred Krupp (1812-1887), was intended as a residence and refuge for Krupp and his family. After the death of his father Friedrich Krupp (1778-1826) he took over responsibility for the firm at the age of 14 and turned it into one of the most important industrial companies in the 19th century. The Villa Hügel provided the stately frame for representation, receptions and festivities. Emperors and kings, international businessmen, politicians and heads of state visited the Villa Hügel.

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