Werdringen Castle

Werdringen 1, 58089 Hagen, Almanya

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The Museum Wasserschloss Werdringen is located in the Hagen district Vorhalle - in the Ruhr valley at the foot of the legendary Kaisberg. The former noble residence from the 13th century is surrounded by a unique natural and historical landscape. In the vicinity of the castle are numerous paleontological, archeological and historical monuments. For more than 200 years, the Hagen area has been one of the most important find landscapes in Germany. The history of the museum's extensive collections goes back to the early 19th century. Some finds are also internationally significant for paleontology and archeology. The exhibition presents archaeological and paleontological finds from the region. The show collection includes the oldest fossils in Westphalia, early land plants from the Middle Devonian on Volme and Lenne, huge primal insects from the Upper Carboniferous in Hagen and dinosaurs from the Cretaceous in the Sauerland. The archaeological finds range from stone tools of the Neanderthals as well as ancient and Mesolithic hunter groups to Neolithic and metal-age cave and field finds to relics of castles from the High Middle Ages. The museum displays the oldest remains of modern post-Ice Age people in Europe. They are over 11,000 years old and were discovered in the leaf cave in Hagen.

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