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merced 380, of 41, 8320310 Santiago, Chile
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Our mission Train Yoga Instructors with Social Vision. Yoga practitioners firmly established in the philosophical foundations of classical yoga (Patanjali Yoga) and the various traditional techniques (Hatha Yoga), understanding the purpose of these techniques, which is nothing less than the self-transformation of the individual. Understanding also its potential for global transformation and harmony, in the social vision of Integral Yoga. Graduates receive during their training the attention, knowledge and discipline necessary to transform themselves first, awakening the capacity for empathy and unconditional love. You also receive all the practical tools that will allow you to impart and share this knowledge and experience with others, in the form of a Yoga Instructor. We generate a committed and loving family of support during and after the course, guiding the personal-spiritual work and the labor insertion of the graduates. "The perfect society will be the one that best favors the perfection of the individual." - Sri Aurobindo.

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