Žanjic Beach

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Zanjic Beach is also called President Beach. There was a time when a famous Broz Tito (the President of former Yugoslavia) chose this bay as a private beach. It is located 6 km from Herceg-Novi, on the Lustica Peninsula. In summer time one can get there by a private boat from Herceg-Novi, Igalo and Meline. The boats depart every 10 minutes from 9a.m. till 1p.m. and coming back from 5p.m. till 8p.m. The beach is gravel and there is no sand, therefore the water is very clean and clear. One should be careful entering the water because of big large cobbles and sea urchins. It's better to use a sun lounger with an umbrella (the price is 10 Euro) and an atomized shower (0,50 cents) for a comfortable rest. The beach is surrounded by olive grove. One can have a rest from the sun in its shadows and enjoy a glass of wonderful wine. There is a big quay next to the beach. From this place you can go to the Blue Cave or visit Mamula island-fortress. This trip will cost about 5 Euros per person. In ten minutes walking distance from the main beach, there is Mirištа Bay. The shore consists of concrete platforms, which rise stepwise up to the dense forest. This place is marked out by amazing landscapes around and fresh forest air.

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