London's Best Markets

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London can be a bit stiff and dull on overcast, bustling days, but the wide array of exciting, varied and tasty markets should perk up any boring afternoon!

Camden Market

Camden Market is a permanent market, but that doesn't make it any less of an exciting day. I think you could go there for days and days, and not have the same experience. Camden Market is packed with old clothes, food stalls, musicians playing and tourists and locals enjoying the experience alike. The Stables Market and Camden Lock Village sections are technically different markets, but now they are all so spread out and intertwined, it's increasingly difficult to tell one from another. Camden Market is a beautifully random and weird way to get away from boring, commercial London.

Greenwich Market

Next to the stunning Naval Museum and the historical Cutty Sark imperial ship, the Greenwich Market is a food lover's dream, with fresh sushi, organic produce and every kind of international cuisine cooked by experts. This market is home to some cutting-edge fashion as well as vintage shops everywhere. This market is covered over, with bits of it indoors and bits outside, and awnings spanning the changes, so it's a jumble of people, food, smells and clothes.

Colombia Road Flower Market

Thousands of different colours and varieties of flowers greet visitors to the Colombia Road Flower Market. The incredible smells of all this blooming beauty will hit you, and the visual spectacle is remarkable. The air is packed with stall owners shouting prices as well as the smell of coffee and pastries from the many cafes along the sides of the market street. An exciting crafts scene has also sprung up around the market, with fashion, art and food creativity blooming alongside the flowers.

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