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Lucca And Its Tree Tower

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Travel Tips For Province of Lucca

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Located in Tuscany, Lucca is a historic city, which was thriving in the Gothic period. The Gothic architecture of the city is one of its attractions. To me, the most appealing and unique feature of Lucca is the Romanesque-Gothic tower with trees on its top.

"The appeal of Lucca, Italy, is in its relaxed, Old World ambience. A visit here may include a lazy pedal around its Renaissance walls, a stroll past elegant storefronts, and a nightly concert in the church of San Giovanni." - Rick Steves' Europe Youtube Channel

How peculiar it is! I have climbed several towers, but it was the first time I saw trees on one of them. It was like a small garden in the sky. What is special about the trees is that they are ancient holm oaks, which are the symbols of rebirth and renewal. Once in Lucca, do not forget to get up to the top of the Torre Guinigi and admire the ancient plants. On top of this, the Romanesque-Gothic tower offers a dramatic view of the city, and it is an easy climb that even children can do.

Another impressive feature of Lucca is that the city is protected by well-preserved Renaissance walls. The difference between medieval walls and Renaissance walls is that medieval walls are thin, whereas Renaissance ones are thick in order to protect the city from canons. Check out the video below by Rick Steves to learn more about this charming and historic city.

Apart from the Guinigi Tower, some attractions not be missed are the Lucca Cathedral and the Piazza dell' Anfiteatro. If you come to Lucca during the weekends, stroll around the antique markets in the city center. For lunch, I highly recommend the sandwiches at La Tana del Boia. The price was reasonable, and the owners were friendly. After lunch, why don't you ride a bike on tops of the Lucca's famous walls? The serenity of the city is a perfect getaway from the busy Tuscan towns such as Pisa and Florence. You can even visit both Lucca and Pisa in one day as an easy trip from Florence.

The walls of Lucca
The walls of Lucca
Lucca, Province of Lucca, Italy

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