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Luštica peninsula - between the bay and the open sea

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Luštica is a peninsula situated opposite of Tivat, separating Tivat Bay from the Adriatic. It looks like it is between the bay and the open sea. When coming to Boka Bay, there is a traffic circle that leads one way to Kotor, the other to Tivat and the third direction leads to Luštica. The peninsula is full of wild beaches, it has quite intact beautiful nature and in the last couple of years it got modern beach bars and a luxury marina.

I got to know Luštica, or at least one small part of it when I was a child. One of my favorite beaches was just here – Plavi Horizonti (Blue Horizons Beach). Wide and spacious Plavi Horizonti is a sandy beach, perfect for families with children as the water is calm and you can walk in the sea quite far away - it is only after few meters that the water is deep enough that you can swim. However, I still like spending some time at this beach or somewhere close to it. Along the coast, just on the end of Plavi Horizonti, there is a very nice walking path. It leads along the beautifully arranged and often peaceful and empty cliffs. Nowadays I like spending some time just here, watching the waves splashing the cliffs and enjoying the open-sea panorama.

Apart from Plavi Horizonti, there are many very nice beaches along the Luštica coast. Some of the most popular are Žanjic and Mirište beaches, close to the Plava Špilja and Mamula Fortress. There is a hiking trail, from Radovići settlement to Žanjic, 15 km long. Few years ago I went to Žanjic following this path and I remember it was an interesting and pleasant walk if I ignore the fact that while walking through some kind of ‘forest’ we saw (and not just once) snakes above our heads, hanging from the trees. Dangerous or not, I recommend everyone having a hat or a cap when walking this way.

Another place, in the last few years very popular among the youth, is Rt VesloThe Cape Veslo ), also close to the Blue Cave of Luštica. It is a wild, rocky beach, ideal for diving and underwater fishing as the sea is crystal clear.

Luštica is one of these places that has something for everybody. There are wild beaches and intact nature, popular beach bars and restaurants, hiking trails and old fortifications, luxury marina and residential complex (Luštica Bay). Every time I visit Luštica I learn something new and see things I haven’t seen before. It doesn’t stop to surprise me and maybe this summer is just a perfect time to explore it lengthwise and crosswise.

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The author

Katarina Kalicanin

Katarina Kalicanin

I am Katarina and the country I know the most is definitely my own: Montenegro. Active hiker constantly in touch with nature, I am eager to present my country to the world.

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