Cover picture credits ©jacoblund
Cover picture credits ©jacoblund

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Madrid by night: after dark in the Spanish Capital

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Travel Tips For Madrid

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So let us suppose that you are a lost tourist wandering around Madrid. You have been walking the whole day, visiting the majority of the touristic stuff listed on your map. Yes, you have been to Plaza Mayor, yes you have bought your souvenirs from Plaza de Sol, yes you have seen the Opera, yes you have walked from Malasaña to Chueca and back to the center. It has been a long day, and you already feel exhausted. However, you are in Spain; you cannot go home, it is always too early! (Spanish standards and rules, here we go!). You are aware that your night cannot just end that fast.

...get ready cause it is about to get dark in Madrid!

The options of where to go for a proper night out in Madrid are seemingly endless and they all look great; of course, it all depends on your personal lifestyle and budget. To give you an idea, I have decided to write this piece of an article listing some of my favourite neighbourhoods and things to do after dark while there! So here we go!

First things first; Start with some food, hit the food markets

The city is teeming with colourful food markets offering traditional goodies like jamón, trendy items and prepared foodstuffs. But with so many options in the city, knowing where to go—especially if you want to experience the city like a local—can be tough. One of the best things about these markets is getting the chance to try a little bit of everything. Thankfully, they all boast enough vendors to satisfy hunger pangs. If looking for something a bit different, Italian pizzas and pasta, Greek dishes, African dishes and a plethora of raciones prepared back in a kitchen can be all found in most of those markets. In any case, a visit to the food markets before starting heavily drinking is always a good idea. Plus, it is a no doubt a Spanish thing; eating and drinking early in the evening in some Mercado, instantly gives you some local, “acting like the Spanish do” points…

Tapas time

If you are craving some typical Spanish tapas then La Latina is the place to be. La Latina is synonymous with going out for beers in Madrid. Weekends mean trying to get an elbow in to order at a bar, and booking in advance or arriving early for a table in a restaurant. At the same time, you may find great bars for getting the drinks in and venues where you can enjoy good music!

Urban drinking - It is botellon time

If you have ever visited Spain, I am pretty sure that you heard about their famous “botellon”. The Spanish people simply love drinking and socializing in the streets and squares before hitting the bars. Ideally, Malasaña and Lavapies offer a variety of that kind of squares perfect for Spanish and not only, pre-drinks. Filled with bars and cafés with outdoor terraces, those neighborhoods are always filled with young people. Many streets converge here with a marked alternative environment, with different fashion stores including the work of young designers and vintage clothes, as well as pop-rock bars and varied restaurants.

© Chrisa Lepida
© Chrisa Lepida

Bar hopping in Lavapies

As you have probably already realized by reading previous articles of mine, Lavapies is definitely one of my favorite neighborhoods in Madrid, since it offers an alternative and multicultural lifestyle that cannot easily be found in every neighborhood. Famous for its counterculture, its mercados, its graffitis and its international food corners, Lavapies can also steal your heart with its nightlife options. Well, I guess that is a bit subjective, however, if you enjoy attending live concerts and jamming sessions during a night out, then you will probably appreciate my suggestions.

©  Bar Candela
© Bar Candela

Bar hopping in Malasaña

If you are a fan of the 70's-80's counterculture and lifestyle, I am pretty sure that you are going to enjoy a night stroll in Malasaña. Malasaña was one of the primary locations where many of the underground revolutionary events took place and where actually the Movida Madrilena slowly started! Imagine yourself entering a black-lighted bar and reviving or let us better say experiencing the 80’s counterculture attitude, lifestyle, and music while being surrounded by people of all ages dancing till the morning comes…

©Pinterest/Unknown author
©Pinterest/Unknown author

Awesome, right?

Of course, the night is still young, and I guess it is about time to hit the “discotecas” or simply and universally known, the night clubs. However, to get a glimpse into Madrid’s dance scene, all you have to do is wait a bit longer!!! New article on Madrid’s best night clubs is on its way! Cheers!

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