Marina Abramovic in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade

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The artist is present, again

She is one of the most famous, extravagant and unscrupulous performance artists in the world. She explores the relationship between a performer and an audience, limits of human body and possibilities of a mind. Known as the grandmother of performance art, in her memorable and breathtaking exhibitions, she brought in the participation of observers, focusing on confronting pain, blood, and physical limits of the body. Her name is Marina Abramovic, and she is a Yugoslav born artist, who after decades of astounding work all over the world, is coming back to her home town, Belgrade, at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU) early next year.

In case you are not familiar with her work and persona, I strongly advise you to do a small research, as you will be amazed as what this, now 71 years old artist, has to say and show. I would write about her for days, as this article does not even begin to give her enough credit. Marina Abramovic has a long list of extraordinary performances which include Rhythm 0-10, Cleaning the Mirror, Spirit of Cooking, Works with Ulay (Uwe Laysiepen), her former long time love, and many other. My favorite one is definitely the relatively recent one, the exhibition Artist is present, in Museum of Modern Art(MoMa) in New York in 2010. That exhibition was the biggest ever in the history of MoMa and it simply involved Marina being static and silent for 736-hour and 30-minutes. She sat immobile in the museum's atrium while spectators were invited to take turns sitting opposite her. The reactions of the people were numerous, from staying still, to crying and laughing uncontrolably. Now, I will not get into long discussions as to why this is art, just take a look at the short video below and see it for yourself.

I think communication starts when words are not present at all ... I think we put so much emphasis on language, actually silence is so much more important. Marina Abramovic

However, the only moment when Marina Abramovic broke the rules of extremely long performance and actually moved, both psychically and emotionally, was when Ulay made a surprise appearance at the opening night of the show. They saw each other after decades of separation at the Great Wall of China, also during their shared performance. Please take a look at the video below, while keeping in mind all these facts.

What is MoMa in New York is Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, and it will finally host Marina Abramovic after more than 40 years, exposing her exhibition “Cistac”(The Cleaner) from September 2019 to January 2020. It will be a large retrospective exhibition of all the artist’s work. The Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in order to collect valuable art works that were created in recent times, from the 20th century onwards. The museum is located in the beautiful part of the city, near the Sava River.

The retrospective exhibition " The Cleaner", will be installed in just 7 cities in Europe, but it will end in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. The exhibition will present over 120 drawings, paintings and installations created throughout the entire career of Marina Abramovic, including the creation period in Belgrade during the 1970s. So make sure to save the date and check out the masterpieces by Marina Abramovic in Museum of Modern Art in Belgrade.

In theater, blood is ketchup; in performance, everything's real. Marina Abramovic
Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade
Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade
Usce 10, Belgrade, Serbia

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