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Markets of Torino

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Travel Tips For Turin

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Torino, the capital of the Piemonte region in the northwest of Italy, is famous for his chocolate, sports cars and shopping.

In Torino you can find 42 open-air markets and 6 covered markets in which to look around, discover items from the past, become immersed in colours, fragrances, sounds from different cultures. Visiting a market means make a journey into the city's most authentic spirit, amongst the stalls of the most famous regional markets. The largest in Europe or the famous one for cheap signatures, one specializing in products from the south Italy, the open-air supermarket and the most chic.

The most important market of Torino is Porta Palazzo Market. It is not celebrated as the market of Porta Portese in Roma, or stylish as Portobello Road in London, but Porta Palazzo has everything it needs to be called a record-breaking market. With its 50 thousand square meters of space, its 1000 stalls and the 100,000 thousand people that hosts every day, the area close to Piazza della Repubblica has all the numbers to be considered the largest in Europe.

If you really want to understand the soul of the city, a visit to the Porta Palazzo market is essential, because just there you can find both the past of the city and its present. On one side the shops and stalls run by Italian traders, on the other side the dozens of other realities run by the new Torinese class coming from different foreign countries, which in Torino has found home and integration. The perfect combination of fresh fish from the fish market and spices from all over the world are proof of how cosmopolitan and open Torino is. A lesson to be imitated.

But for a tourist who wants to learn more about this particular characteristic of Turin, it would be a shame to stop there. The city hides indeed a series of other markets in which enthusiasts of all kinds of goods can immerse themselves and give vent to their desire for low cost shopping.

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