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Movie night in Belgrade

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Thrilling night of thrillers

I am sure you are probably wondering what is so special about a movie night, especially in a town of Belgrade. Well, if you are a film fan and an old school soul like me who still adores going to the cinema, then you will find this very special. Maybe you think it is outdated, and not that cool anymore, but check out what you can do and the places you can go to if you feel like watching a movie out in Belgrade. Be it a rainy afternoon, a lazy night out or simply hunger for all the latest blockbusters, you will have a memorable time.

Every time I come to Belgrade, even just for a few days, I really make sure to devote at least one night for the movies. My friends and I make a whole ritual out of it. As the two largest cinemas, Usce Cineplexx and Delta City are a part of the great shopping malls in Belgrade, you may imagine the convenience. If I am accompanying my female part of the crew, we would always find our way there at least a few hours before the movie begins, so that we would have enough time for fittings, and shopping and you know how it goes. Needless to say, we are always late for the movies and on my discontent we miss trailers. Really, if you are going to these large cinemas, make sure to be in the mall a few (roughly five) hours before, as there are incesant number of stores, beauty sallons and restaurants.

On the other hand, if we are going with male part of the crew, or if it is just me and my best friend who adores going to the movies, the whole ritual looks completely different. Upon his initiative, we always have the movie picked in advance and tickets with the best seats in the hall reserved. Indeed, we do come to Usce Shopping Center a few hours before, but only to catch up and have coffee in our favorite cafes. Also, snacks, the inevitable part of every movie night! There we always go crazy, as you can see for yourself. As the cinema price ticket varies up to maximum 5 euros, which always come as a surprise to visitors due to the great quality of the cinema halls, we can always go over the board with snacks.

Indeed, you might say that cinema snacks can be pricey, but in Usce Cineplex and Delta City you can always get amazing combination of popcorns, coke, nachos, all sorts of Serbian sweets and even doughnuts! Sometimes, we even just use an excuse to go to the movies, just so that we would try those amazing popcorns. I warn you, it is impossible to stop eating them once you start.

Before the movie starts, you don't have to be annoyed and wait for the queue. You will always find huge areas with tables and mini sofas, where you can have a drink, talk or watch the trailers for the upcoming movies on the big screen.

Finally, if you really feel like going back to the memory lane, and having a bit of tradditional cinema experience, then you should check out Tuckwood Cinema, located in the very center of Belgrade. I am very much attached to the place, as I was going there from the early childhood, and in fact the first cinema where I felt liberated from my fear of dark (contradictory, I know, but kids are weird). Not only that you will be thrilled to see all the cinema halls named by the greatest Hollywood actos such as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Rita Hayworth, Humphrey Bogart and the list goes on. While waiting for the movie to start, you can actually walk through their walls of fame and check out all the known and less known facts about the greatest names of film industry.

Usce Cineplex
Usce Cineplex
4 Mihajla Pupina Boulevard, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia
Delta Cinema
Delta Cinema
16 Jurija Gagarina st., Belgrade 11000, Serbia
Tuckwood Cineplex
Tuckwood Cineplex
7a Kneza Milosa st., Belgrade 11000, Serbia

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